Beran's Reach

A vibrant Shroud of the Avatar Player Community

Beran's Reach and the Bear Tavern Guild have existed since 2013, in the very early days of Shroud of the Avatar.  We've grown and matured with the game, and both our town and our guild are well known for our hospitality.  We invite you to join our Discord chat and get to know us, and visit our guild and town threads at the official SotA forums.  Click one of the links below, or scroll down to learn more!

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While many stories and tales are told of its founding, it is questionable that anyone knows the true origins of Beran's Reach. As ancient as time itself, since the dark times it has served as a refuge from the great cataclysm and subsequent calamities that have befallen the people of New Britannia. Bardic tales tell of a great clash between an ancient foe and a hero of great renown, from whom The Reach takes its name. While stories vary greatly in the telling, nearly all agree that the Metropolis was founded upon the riches taken from the great beast when it fell. The fate of Beran is a contentious topic within many taverns and inns across the domain.

Situated within the mountains of Regalis, Beran’s Reach has steadily grown over the millennia to form the cosmopolitan metropolis it is today. Calling scholars, merchants, soldiers and adventurers, fed on stories of adventure and glory in the wild North, Beran’s Reach serves as a nexus for those seeking adventure, as well as a new beginning for those seeking a fresh start in a realm where few people ask questions. The home of Northmen, dour and rugged yet quick to aid and slow to judge lend to The Reach’s reputation as a place of refuge.

A cultural and economic hub, its shops and bazaars boasts a wealth of exotic goods from all over the known world. Its craftsmen are masters in their respective trades, renowned for producing some of the finest adventuring equipment to cope with the harsh, unyielding climate. The Bear Tavern is a local landmark and sits at the heart of the community and provides valuable information, a place to congregate, or take in finely crafted beer exclusive to the region.


-=- A Traveller's Guide -=-

The home of The Bear Tavern, the Metropolis of Beran's Reach is a major settlement on the road to the frozen north. Situated in the centre of the region of Regalis, Beran's Reach aims to provide a living, breathing world for both residents and those that visit. Designed as a free and open settlement, Beran's Reach is an ideal choice for anyone wishing to make their mark on the edge of the world.

There are a number of factors that make Beran's Reach a fantastic place for any aspiring resident:

-=- Location -=-

(click here for map)

Remote, yet a stones throw from Brittany. Beran's Reach is placed in a spectacular position with clear views across the region. Despite the feel of being in the wilds, its location is a short 40 second unobstructed jog to Brittany, one of the map's most populated areas.

Good neighbours. Beran's Reach's location puts in close to a number of major settlements, including Rift's End and Falling Waters Fortress, fellow members of the Bean's League. You'll be sure to encounter friendly travellers while out on the road.

Close proximity to resources and hunting areas. Beran's Reach is situated close to a number of major sites, right next to the Serpentspine Mines and Ulfheim's hunting area. The Grannus Colossus, an amazing group hunting area is less than a minute's walk.

-=- The design of Beran's Reach -=-

One of Beran's Reach's main draws is it's design:

For one thing, there is snow.  Lots of snow! Beran's Reach is one of the few towns to embrace the snowy mountain biome, in line with its growing narrative as a settlement in the wilds of the north. The terrain offers good opportunities for decoration and design, particularly those of a more adventurous disposition!

A complete walled city. Beran's Reach is one of the few cities that employs high walls that encircle the entire inner city, giving it a striking look against the harsh winter backdrop. Enemies aren't getting in.

We've been doing this for a while. Bean's Reach has been in design for years, as a result we've worked up a solid town design that maximises the space within the walled city to give everyone an opportunity to live there.

Plots free and ready to claim. We've done the hard work, now you select where you want to live. Virtually all plots can be free to claim, so feel free to try them out and see what plots work for you. If it there, use it.

Want something custom? Just ask. There's bags of space outside the walls of Beran's Reach proper. From row houses to castles, we're open to accommodate requests and provide everyone a chance to live here. Simply get in touch.

-=- Business and Services -=-

Aside from its location and design, Beran's Reach has some further big draws for anyone looking for a home:

A big central market, perfect for businesses. Beran's Reach has a big central square with great visibility and access from the town entrance. A good choice seeking an affordable place to kickstart their business empire.

Free accommodation. For those who can't quite pull together the money for their first home, we provide free accommodation at our local inn. For a room, please contact us on Discord!

Accessible devotionals. A good mix of devotionals, as well as an Oracle, right next to the town entrance.

An active Discord community. We've got a diverse community across multiple timezones. In order to keep the conversation going, we have an active Discord community. Want to either get in touch or hang out? Just click here to join us.

Comments or questions? Simply get in touch and we will assist you as quickly as possible.